Oshea Store

Oshea Store was created in September 2018 by a group of well educated individuals in the Sneaker & Clothing field. The store started off by sourcing products for clients that could not locate or purchase the items they were looking for, but Oshea Store filled the gap and ensured they had a reliable source they can purchase products from being us. 

From there we began taking in stock and supplying the market with hyped up & sold out products that was not easily obtainable. Oshea Store started to create a name for themselves and to buyers in the market. 

In 2019 we have increased our market by allowing customers to purchase via website and not just to clients, this way we have built more relationships and bonds with customers. Our following began to rise at a fast pace during this year and our customer service began improving. 

We now have turned around sourcing rare pairs in two weeks to one week, and our delivery time from dispatch has changed from 3 business days in the UK to 1 business day. For our EU customers steps have been taken to ensure parcels are received between 2-5 business days from shipment. 

Stay with Oshea Store to ensure you get only authentic products with a safe & friendly team looking out for you!